At Dunlap & Company, Inc. our safety philosophy is simple: we care for our employees. Because we care about our employees, it affects every aspect of our safety program. Our Priorities:

  • Prevent employees from becoming injured.
  • If an employee is injured in any way, our priority is getting them the best medical care that is possible. We work with some of the state’s best doctors to ensure the highest standards are met and surpassed in patient care.
  • If an employee is injured we ensure that they do not spend any unnecessary time away from work missing out on the opportunity to provide financially for their families. We have one of the most aggressive Return To Work programs in the industry.

Proven Performance:

Because of our safety philosophy and culture, our Total OSHA Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), currently at 1.42, is less than half the construction industry’s national average. This also makes us one of the safest contractors in the state of Indiana. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR), which is the insurance industry’s performance measurement of safety, currently sits at .72 and is falling every year (national average is 1.0).

These performance numbers, and our comprehensive written safety program, also result in Dunlap passing the rigorous contractor prequalification systems in place at Cummins Inc., Indiana University Health Systems, PICS, and other industry leaders.

Benefits to our Customers:

Thanks to our remarkable safety performance all of these numbers result in lower operating costs. The savings resulting from these lower operating costs are passed on to our customers, ensuring that our bids are competitive, accurate, and timely.

More important than the bottom line is the confidence and peace of mind that our customers have when Dunlap employees are performing work on their property. Having a safe contractor working on your project, or in your facility, ensures that your employees are protected and safe around construction activities.

For more information about our safety philosophy or a written copy of our safety program, please contact me at anytime.

Jason A. Hyer, CHST EMT-B Safety Director
Dunlap & Company, Inc.
PO Box 328
Columbus, IN 47202
812.376.3021 – Office