About Dunlap


Dunlap & Company has been in continuous operation in Columbus, Indiana since 1873, making it the oldest General Contractor in the State of Indiana.

In 1873, shortly after the Civil War, J.R. Dunlap started the business at the corner of Fifth and Jackson Streets in Columbus, Indiana.  At first the operation consisted of a milling and planing and kiln drying business.

Dunlap and Company was incorporated in 1924 and several retail operations were established in southern Indiana. At that time, Dunlap and Company expanded into material distribution and general contracting.

During World War Two, Dunlap started building housing, hospitals, and airports in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Starting in 1945 Dunlap expanded into other areas to complement their original business and in 1957 three new divisions were established.  Those divisions were Dunlap Construction, Dunlap Mechanical and Dunlap Building Materials.

In the spring of 1970 Jerald B. Dunlap announced that a decision had been reached to merge the Company with Southwest Forest Industries, a diversified forest products company.

Late in 1974, Southwest Forest Industries reorganized the Company extracting the Building Materials Division from Dunlap and Company and setting up that company as Southwest Forest Industries, Dunlap Division.

The Dunlap Construction Company remained a subsidiary of Southwest Forest Industries until 1976, when Dennis E. King purchased a majority of the outstanding stock. At that time the management personnel of the firm had remained intact with an average age of 42 years and an average length of service of 19 years.

In 1976 with Dennis E. King as President, Dunlap constructed a new office building and relocated to their present location.

In October 1991 Dennis E. King purchased all remaining stock in the company and became the sole owner.

Currently all stock is owned by Brian E. King and Thomas F. Dowd.

Current officers of the company are Brian E. King, President, and Thomas F. Dowd, Executive Vice President.